Michelle Abbots

Candidate for Watling South

I’m proud to be Labour’s candidate for the Watling South division. I’m passionate about Tamworth and doing my best for local people.

As a Learning Organiser for Unite the Union, which involves talking to our members in their workplace about the benefits of learning and improving their skills, I’m conscious of the need for the right training and opportunities to be  available for local people. In my work for Unite I also regularly campaign with health workers.One of our recent campaigns has been against the reduction in the number of Health Visitors in Staffordshire.

As I talk with residents, they tell me how difficult it is to access the right services. Many people are concerned, not only about cuts to services (myself and my Labour Colleagues have campaigned against cuts in services at our Sir Robert Peel Hospital), but also to the funding for extra support to the elderly and vulnerable or those in need. If you elect me on 4 May, I promise to work hard and give you a local voice in the Council. I’ll be available for residents to contact me and I’ll always do my best to resolve local issues.