Carol Dean

Candidate for Bolebridge

I’ve been proud to be your councillor for the past 4 years, speaking out on your behalf and trying to get the best deal possible for the residents of Bolebridge and Tamworth.

As your councillor, I’ve challenged the decisions made by the County Council that I feel are not in the best interests of the people I represent. I always try to put forward an alternative vision for how things can be done differently to improve people’s lives.

This election is important for many reasons, but especially because of the crisis in social care. I know many people are fed up with politics and politicians, but it’s crucial we protect the services we all rely on. For me politics is about making the right decisions to create a fairer society and give everyone the opportunity to do well.

I believe in a different kind of politics where people’s voices are heard, that’s why I’ve campaigned locally on issues such as the proposals to remove services from our hospital, theĀ  County Council’s failure to repair potholes and the government’s funding proposal for our schools.