Our Pledges

Labour Pledges

Labour’s key pledges for the 2017 County Council Elections demonstrate Labour’s commitment to building a thriving local economy that provides well paid jobs and a better quality of life for all our communities. Labour’s vision is for a caring society where the young, old and families are supported by good, accountable services to enjoy happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Labour will create a listening council working with local communities to help them achieve their goals and creating new partnerships with local councils to ensure services are delivered in a more efficient, effective and transparent way. A Labour Council will balance its books by being innovative rather than further penalising the most vulnerable Staffordshire residents.

Labour will:

Build steps on the housing ladder

Labour will help put affordable housing within reach for local people, including building social housing, and providing low cost loans for deposits.

Fix Staffordshire’s roads

Labour will invest an extra £1.5 million in road repairs and bring an end to the Tories’ pothole plague.

Support people into work

Labour will work closely with local businesses, charities and enterprise partnerships to establish the Staffordshire Step Up to Work scheme, raising skills and increasing opportunities.

Help cut energy bills

Labour will work with district and borough councils to create local energy switching schemes to help households cut fuel bills.

Make Staffordshire a dementia-friendly County

Labour will work with local communities, including local businesses such as pubs and taxi firms, to tackle social isolation and support people living with dementia and disability through innovative policies in transport, health and leisure.

Extend the community allotment scheme

Labour will extend the network of community allotments and gardens across the County to help  bring communities together, improve the environment and benefit the health and wellbeing of our residents.