Bolehall – By-election – Sheree Peaple’s campaign enters home straight



Tomorrow’s Bolehall by-election, follows on the resignation and sad death of our great friend and Labour colleague Peter Seekings.

As an experienced former councillor, trained lawyer and mother of two whose grown-up sons were born and bred here, Sheree Peaple offers the people of Bolehall and Tamworth a real chance to elect an articulate champion.

Local Tories have invented their own “magic money tree” called the Green Bin “tax”. On the council website it says the money is needed to cover up the cuts in government funding and now they suggest it will help with problems funding adaptations.Their figures on adaptations ignore the amount that they spend on council properties which is funded from the rents paid by tenants. Tories across Staffordshire signed up to a proposed scheme to let the county run the adaptations scheme and take 15% of the budget in administration costs but Labour in Cannock and Labour in Tamworth forced the Tamworth Tories to publicly back away – only a strong Labour voice will ensure you are protected from the Tories worst excesses.

The Tories know that their cuts are coming home to roost and they are trying every dodge possible to offload the blame. Mrs May can find the money to appease the DUP so that she can cling on to power but tells nurses there is no magic money tree. Labour pressure means the government has said it will lift the pay cut but has not said there will be any money to fund the increase – as they say on the Bake Off – you need substance as well as style and the Tories lack it. The DUP will not allow Universal Credit to be extended to Northern Ireland “until it has been properly evaluated”; so if it is not OK for Belfast why should the Tories impose it on Tamworth?

During a recent debate, the Tory councillors said the Tory government would have cut the deficit if they had got a majority – they failed to grasp that this means they lack public support for austerity. The Tories in Tamworth awarded themselves an extra chairmanship at a cost of £6000 while the Tories at Staffordshire County Council have increased the number of Tory members gaining special payments for responsibilities – they find the money for themselves!


 Promoted by John Faulkner on behalf of Sheree Peaple, both at 63 Amington Road, Tamworth B77 3LN